A Beginner's Guide to Facebook's Policies on Cannabis Advertising

Published June 3rd, 2020 by 1 Team Cannabis

It's no secret that the use of social media for advertising of businesses is a popular trend in today's world. Not only can the advertising get the word out there about the products that your company sells, but it also helps to increase your business revenue.

But, what about when the product you sell is something that used to be banned amongst social media advertising? If you're thinking about cannabis advertising, then there are some Facebook advertising rules that you need to be aware of.

Rules Of Cannabis Advertising

The cannabis industry has become increasingly popular as its being legalized across the world. And because it has become so popular, there needs to be room for the advertising of cannabis products. This is why Facebook policies have rewritten the rules for advertising cannabis products on their social media network.

It's important to understand that Facebook will allow a specific form of advertising, but not all advertising.

What Facebook Allows

After sifting throughout their recent bans, the only cannabis advertising that the social media giant allows is the advertising of cannabis oil topicals. This means that the product your advertising can also host a link to your website, but only if the link directs the user to a page that provides only topical products.

If the page features other products such as edibles, then it will likely be taken down. This is because Facebook still bans the advertisement of CBD edibles or CBD in general. Your ad must adhere to the original ad guidelines of Facebook. However, you shouldn't be surprised if your ad is still mistakenly flagged by the site.

How To Post Your Ad

There are some things that you can do to ensure the success of your ad on the website. The first thing to get around the guidelines is leaving anything about CBD out of the name and description of the ad.

Its recommended that you find a unique way to describe your product to your potential customers without using words associated with CBD. While you can't use the words like CBD, there is no ban on including a picture of CBD.

Process Of Ad Posting

When you first submit an ad for posting, it's recommended that you review the rules that they have set. Along with these rules and policies, they highlight some areas that may be seen as gray areas when it comes to advertising.

Next, the ad that you're attempting to post will be reviewed by the site to ensure that it's within compliance. After the ad is approved, some suggestions may be given to enhance the ad and make it more user-friendly.

If it's banned, there will be suggestions given to fix the issues they've found with the ad.

Time To Advertise

While cannabis advertising is becoming more mainstream, there are still going to be some issues when it comes to having the ads approved. It will take some time to work out all of the problems with the ads.

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