5 Outstanding Hemp Oil Benefits You Don’t Know About

Published May 6th, 2020 by 1 Team Cannabis

Hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years, with its earliest origins dating back to 6,000 years ago in China.

Used in paper, paints, food, varnishes, and textiles, both the hemp plant and hemp oil have played a significant role in a myriad of products across the world.

In recent years, however, hemp oil benefits to the body and mind have been discovered as plentiful. Unlike the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, hemp oil contains high concentrations of CBDa cannabinoid with benefits to boast that doesn't get you "high."

Keep reading to discover five of these fantastic benefits hemp oil can provide to you.

1. It Eases Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety disorders affect over 40 million American adults every year, yet less than 40 percent of those adults seek treatment to alleviate their symptoms.

Many people wait too long to see mental health professionals, or they want to avoid prescription medication for their ailment.

Certain cannabinoids found in hemp extract, such as CBD, can significantly reduce anxiety and improve coping ability.

Some studies suggest that CBD also helps to reduce cortisol production in the human body, which in turn helps to relieve stress effects.

Does Hemp Oil Have CBD?

Not all hemp oil contains CBD or other cannabinoids. Hemp oil that you find in the grocery store is typically made from hemp seeds.

Oil made from the leaves, flowers, and stalks is extracted for the production of CBD oil. Those parts of the plant contain higher concentrations of CBD.

2. It Supports a Restful Sleep

Almost 70 percent of Americans struggle with sleep at least one time per week. There are many lifestyle and nutritional choices that can help one achieve optimal sleep.

Hemp oil can help too. CBD in hemp promotes restful sleep, especially for those who struggle with a healthy night of shut-eye.

3. It Promotes Skin Health

Hemp seed oil contains vitamins and fatty acids that can help prevent breakouts and keep the skin healthy.

It may also help strengthen skin and help it to resist infection and inflammation. Hemp oil could help alleviate a variety of skin symptoms, such as:

  • Dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Varicose eczema
  • Acne Rosacea
  • Eczema
  • Lichen Planus (inflammatory skin)

4. It Promotes a Healthy Heart

In addition to alleviating anxiety and stress, CBD also helps to promote a healthy heart.

The cannabinoid may help blood vessels relax and widen, which means it may support healthy blood pressure levels.

To ensure you're reaping the benefits of CBD and hemp oil in the healthiest possible way, only use USA-derived, non-GMO products that are third-party lab tested. 

5. It Supports Muscle and Exercise Recovery

Intense exercise can strain one's muscles, which leads to longer recovery times and discomfort.

Hemp oil contains antioxidants, omegas, and cannabinoids like CBD, which all support overall exercise recovery. 

Full-spectrum hemp oil will give you ALL the benefits of the hemp plant, but without the psychoactive THC.

Start Enjoying the Many Hemp Oil Benefits

From skin health to healthy blood pressure levels, and from anxiety to trouble sleeping, hemp oil benefits are plentiful, and you can enjoy them all without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Plus, there are so many ways to take advantage of this powerful plant and its cannabinoids. Topicals are perfect for sore muscles, whereas tinctures and vapes are excellent sleep aids.

Do you have questions before you try our products? Contact us! We are here to help.

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