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Broad Spectrum, Non-GMO, USA-Grown, THC-Free Hemp Products

1Team Cannabis doesn’t just want to sell you products; we aim to support our customers by answering questions and making sure they’re comfortable with navigating the sometimes- confusing world of hemp-derived CBD products. We know that the legalities and uses of anything marijuana-related can be difficult to understand and we’re here to assure you that all of 1Team Cannabis Company’s products are 100% legal, healthy, lab-tested, risk-free, affordably priced, and enjoyable to use.

Here’s the big picture of what 1Team Cannabis makes: broad spectrum, non-GMO, USA-grown, THC-free hemp products. Let’s break that down. Broad spectrum means that our products are 100% THC free.  THC is the chemical compound or cannabinoid in cannabis that works on a psychoactive level and creates the infamous high feeling. Our products WILL NOT get you high.

None of our products come from genetically modified organisms and all of our products come from plants grown organically in the United States. 

There. Not so scary, right? Simply put, we take the best aspects of the cannabis plant, remove the psychoactive/legally dubious elements, and create oils, salves, gummies, and other products that provide relaxation, comfort, and pain relief, among other benefits.

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